Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pantsu, Fundoshi

The Japanese seem obsessed with Lolitas. Schoolgirls seem to be the choice for representing Japan on the Internet. That obsession--which will get you arrested and publicly shamed in America--does present opportunity for us to learn about Japanese lingerie styles and history--at least a little. There is even distinction between the anime sexuality and child pornography. For more discussion see Loli in the Urban Dictionary.

This image presents a Loli in fundoshi.

Loli: (Noun - plural: loli or lolis); Sounds like "lowly", not "lolly".

"In Japan, panties are commonly depicted as adding a highly flirtatious, naughty element to a female's persona." cite

Pantsu: "The japanese word for "panties" (panties in a japanese accent) that since Chii from the series Chobits (CLAMP) has said, has spiraled into another form of slang for wannabe-asian otakus. Other examples of these incidents are phrases like 'kawaii desu' and 'konnichiwa.' 'Chii wears pantsu!' " cite (urban dictionary)

This seems to a recently developed slang term.

"Thongs are worn by slutty girls, regular pantsu is [sic] worn by innocent pure girls." this quote is from a forum where Japanese girls and their underwear is discussed. By the comments, the posters are as naive and lonely as the guys who post to the same type of forums in the US. However, it reveals something about the attitudes toward sexual purity--indeed, purity in everything--prevalent in Japan.

female characters bereft of pantsu, or in technical language, in a state of “nopan” (no pantsu).

the 褌 / fundoshi, or loincloth: "that most alluring of traditional undergarments, the 褌 / fundoshi, or loincloth, an item of apparel which manages to be at once ancient and rather modern in appearance.

Although fundoshi are usually thought of as exclusively male apparel, it appears that historically they have seen plenty of (normal) female use at various times, so the hungry depictions we see so often are not quite so fanciful as we might at first think.

Even so, it seems traditionally no underwear as such was often worn by ladies."

"The makers of the women’s fundoshi have renamed their product pendre shorts
(パンドルショーツ), using the French verb for “hang” to give the underwear an feminine image." cite

Friday, December 12, 2008

UCLA Undie Run

Wednesday night , 10 December 2008 UCLA students prepare for the Undie Run. The tension-reducing event, in which students make a midnight run across campus in their underwear, has become a finals week tradition at UCLA. Photos.

Bettie Page Obit

Bettie (or Betty) Page, the model widely credited as the prototype modern pin-up, died at 6:41pm PST Thursday, 11 December 2008 at the age of 85. She completed her battle with morality and mental illness with pneumonia and heart failure.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Bettie Page, the 1950s secretary-turned-model whose controversial photographs in skimpy attire or none at all helped set the stage for the 1960s sexual revolution, died Thursday. She was 85."

"I want to be remembered as a woman who changed people's perspectives concerning nudity in its natural form." (Betty Page in 2006, age 83).

"A cult figure,
Page was most famous for the estimated 20,000 4-by-5-inch black-and-white glossy photographs taken by amateur shutterbugs from 1949 to 1957. The photos showed her in high heels and bikinis or negligees, bondage apparel -- or nothing at all."

"Funeral Service will be Tuesday Dec 16 at Westwood Memorial Cemetery in a PRIVATE CEREMONY."


As I've read this story I can feel the frustration of a little girl who tried hard to out-distance her demons (poverty, hopes for the rescuing abilities of religion, abusive misogyny) only to fall prey to them in the end. This despite the help of talent, good looks and powerful friends.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Pumpkin Bra

I wanted to add this picture of a fun bra--probably not very useful after a couple days--for your viewing pleasure. I'd add the original link if i could remember it. Had some trouble posting this picture when found--bandwidth is necessary & you really miss it when gone...

Friday, September 26, 2008

luxury fashion advertising

okay, that is a slight exaggeration, but not much. Some of the material Ad Sneeze posted here is not all lingerie; shoes are also included. There are some sexy images & some strange ones.

Lingerie related items include:
Adrants posted this one from Sabi Lingerie: "Warning May cause Pregnancy"

S. Lingerie posted this partial list of lingerie brands.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dita Von Teese for Wonderbra

The Science of Sexy website (from Playtex France) presents the video, collection and backstory of the Dita von Teese Wonderbra range.

In the mock sci-fi film, Dita plays the part of ‘Heather,’ a mousy blonde. She’s a committed but uninspired scientist who dreams all day of being glamorous. Quite by chance she uncovers the gene of sexy and a gorgeous Wonderbra materialises before her eyes, miraculously transforming her in to the alluringly stylish Dita that she is known for. The mood then shifts to one of celebration as Dita is gripped by the spirit of the underwear and she dances around showcasing the new Wonderbra by Dita Von Teese range.

35 year old Dita von Teese is the stage name for Heather Sweet. Dita's first bra "was this horrible training bra-type thing, but it prompted me to save my money and buy my own darn bra". (follow the link for shared stories of first bra horror and humor.)
"Lingerie shouldn’t be something you just put on for your lover; you should do it for you. It’s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood,” Dita proclaims.

Anticipating the Dita Wonderbra, The Scotsman published an interview with Dita entitled The Big Teese.

The Times Online (UK) also presents the biographical interview "Dita Von Teese's naked ambition".

update history: 26 April 2009

Lingerie options

Quirky Lingerie options that look comfortable and fun--and visually pleasant. Not granny panties and a sports bra, but not mesh thongs and cutout bras either.

This Heart Jersey Romper from Only Hearts is an example of the unusual without the fanboy/sci-fi/comic book fantasies.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

notes--Wonderbra in the news

items to deal with later:

  • lingerie books--several with patterns. The point of this website seems to be attracting people looking for erotica.
  • Agent Provocateur Logo Book & Knickers: $75 from House Industries. "When Agent Provocateur first started accosting, arousing and alarming its Soho neighbors in 1994, founder Joseph Corre brandished some lipstick and penned a New York Dolls-esque logo. Since then Agent Provocateur has grown into an internationally recognized lingerie brand that sets the global standard for thinly-clad naughtiness."
  • (July 2008) Wonderbra has designed the nipple bra for those who want more than just sexy curves. Ekstase not only forms a stunning cleavage – built-in nipples that show through clothing give that extra, sensual erotic look. Gallery.
Wonderbra is promoting Ekstase as a first, there is evidence otherwise--see the image above.

Nipples or no-nipples. Many women prefer their nipples private and can use products designed to prevent them showing. Products can also be found to display the effects of erect nipples.

Ekstase is currently available for the European market.
Dita von Teese's designs for Wonderbra debut 15th Sep 2008. Here is some "Teeser" video.

  • One more Wonderbra item before stopping for the day: Wonderbra UK created a mosiac billboard from thousands (nearly 8000, actually) of customers. Its a neat way to get women involved in the product & made an attractive advertisment. The campaign launches Wonderbra D to G for larger bra sizes.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

catching up on the news

Good Morning,

messing around & trying to get caught up on some things:

reading the latest lingerie news I found this new industry report:

This US$3300 report examines the changes in the lingerie industry over the past 20 years.


This report is an in-depth look at the U.S. market for women’s intimate apparel, estimated at $9.6 billion in 2007. In the past 20 years, lingerie has blossomed from a commodity into a huge money-making segment of apparel retailing, thanks in large part to lingerie retailing pioneer and marketing machine Victoria's Secret. Many merchants at major department stores and a slew of catalogs, including Newport News and Spiegel, and e-commerce businesses, including and, are now cashing in on the lingerie bonanza.

Even specialty stores that have never done lingerie in the past are developing strong lingerie alliances, whether branded or private label. Other retailers, recognizing that the lingerie market has higher profit margins than regular apparel, are launching new lingerie lines and giving their older products a makeover. Lingerie vendors are focusing more on their alliances with lingerie specialty stores as compared to department stores.

This report analyzes the competitive landscape of the market, profiles the major lingerie makers and retailers and discusses their key business strategies. It also analyzes the major trends prevalent in the lingerie market. The information contained in this study was compiled from both primary and secondary research, including consultation with industry experts, on-site inspections of major retail outlets, analysis of information from trade press, apparel and organic-product trade associations, retail journals, marketer publications and press releases, and other relevant sources. Sales figures are based on a comprehensive evaluation of various current market estimates and growth trends.

Deborah Marquit designer
  • About the company; Deborah Marquit has been enjoying the limelight of the lingerie world since 1984. Marquit designs and manufacturing space located at at 158 west 15th St. in New York City.
Marquit is the designer of the fluorescent lingerie line.

Her establishment is one of the few independent designer lingerie shops that flourish in New York City.

You may also see her collection on-line at:

Deborah Marquit
couture lingerie
158 West 15th St.
New York City 10011
store hours: 11:am - 7pm
Monday- Saturday (closed Sunday)

  • the vital stats of the first Miss America in 1921 were 30-25-32. In the 1970s, it was 34-21-34
  • Indian women are different from American women in customs related to breast shape & skin exposure. The Times of India reports that Indian women--especially top-level celebrities do not want to model swimwear or lingerie in public advertising due to concerns of modesty & to avoid shame. "They walk the ramp in contemporary and traditional attire, they reveal loads of skin without ado, but walking the ramp in bikinis or lingerie is a strict no-no for Indian models". However, there is a seeming contradiction in the Times article discussing the shape of the breast for 2008: "The bosom has changed its shape! It’s not being pushed up, anymore! But being allowed a bit of natural gravity. Too much of a boob thing, is a turn-off. The official breast of 2008, is soft, subtle and natural. And not, pushed up, in your face".
Such statements seem to oppose each other as one shies away from public display of sexuality & the other promotes that same sexuality. There is some alignment in the modesty of swimwear modeling & minimizing breast shape away from arrogant shapes. But, still, I need to sit with these developments & continue to collect data. Especially when India is one of the largest lingerie markets & gets plenty of google time.

American, European, Indian, Chinese--these are the trend-setters to watch in underwear fashion.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Marlies Dekkers

Lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers has a great website--designed by Studio Dumbar--showing off 15 years of bra design--art meets underwear. reports:
Marlies Dekkers first came to the attention of the public during her graduation in 1991 from the Saint Joost Academy for Art and Design when her 'bare buttock dress' grabbed the attention of the Dutch national newspapers. In 1997 a solo exhibition of her work was shown in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. Award highlights include ELLE Innovator of the Year Award (2004), Grand Seigneur prize (2005) and in 2007 she was named Businesswoman of the Year by Prix Veuve Clicquot. International pop stars and celebrities are regular customers of her work.

Mio Destino reports:
Training: Marlies Dekkers graduated from the Academy of Art with distinction in 1991.

Style: Visionary and ground-breaking lingerie. Typified by an innovative strikingly graphic character that utilises modern materials whilst retaining superb craftsmanship. A real trend setter who finds inspiration in poetry, literature, visual arts and film.

Story: Marlies Dekkers was born in 1965 and after graduating in 1991 she began work on her ‘Undressed' collection founding her own designer lingerie company in 1993. Subsequently she exhibited her fabulous swimwear collection with the unique signature 'straps' design. The ‘Sundressed' collection by Marlies Dekkers only uses the best quality materials and the comfort and gentle fit of the garments is renowned making it a popular for presents.

Highlights: Many of Marlies Dekkers' creations are displayed in modern art exhibitions and are sought after worldwide with Pussycat Dolls wearing Marlies Dekkers. Awarded the ‘Dutch Body Fashion' award in 1993.

Throughout the month of June a Rotterdam, Netherlands museum exhibits a retrospective of her work.
ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (AFP) — Bold, confident, sexy and never demure; the lingerie of Dutch designer Marlies Dekkers adorns the Rotterdam Kunsthal art gallery to mark 15 years of an illustrious career.

Black dominates the collection on display in a two-month exhibition, with hardly a spot of white or touch of colour to break the contrast against the artificial, pale mannequin skin.

But the most striking constant, the signature on the majority of the g-strings, guepieres (a type of corset) and bras she designs: the straps.

One, two, sometimes three straps cross a breast, creep around a neck, snake across a hip...

It is Dekkers' distinctive seal -- having characterised her collections throughout the years.

Knickersblog offers this review of Dekkers' Shibari set--passing with flying colors (only black really).

I don't usually point to retail sites from this blog but I like the design of ART de FEMME & couldn't resist.
added Marlies Dekkers site to the designer link list.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


this post contains some loosely related material that needs to be tied together later--I'm going to plant flowers & mow very soon. The Triumph material updates an earlier post that can be linked in here also.

The Undie Award

The Undie Award gives customers a chance to vote for their favorite underwear & to see what real people find comfortable.


"A company in Sri Lanka who manufacture underwear for Marks & Spencer (M&S) claim to have the first carbon-neutral clothes factory in the world."

MAS Holdings, who also produce lacy lingerie for the likes of Victoria’s Secret in the US, have an “eco-factory” which is 90% powered by hydro-power and 10% by solar panels. The site uses 40% less energy than a similar sized factory using regular power sources. Windows are designed to allow staff to work by natural light while “eco-bricks”, designed to keep the building cool, cuts the need to power air-conditioning units in the humid climes of the South Asian nation.

In addition, sweat-shop conditions or child labour, thought synonymous with some larger manufacturers, won’t be witnessed here. The company brands itself by its ethical ambitions. It says: “MAS was doing the right thing before CSR became a corporate buzzword”.

Get your green pants here from the's May 29th 2008 edition is a look inside the factory.
Triumph bra design contest:
Divyanka Bedi has beaten two dozen aspirants at a show held recently [Triumph Inspiration Award (India) for her lingerie design] For her award winning lingerie, Divyanka used bright emerald greens, plum reds, and lime greens with exotic motifs such as ivy leaf and poison lips. The collection focussed on seduction and dark fantasies and was projected for a women who believe in being assertive and sexy yet classy and flamboyant.
  • "The contest required us to design an under wired bra and brief set inspired by our opinions of female fascination."
  • "How much is creativity a criterion while designing lingerie?
When you have less than half a metre of fabric to work with, to design something that has to be worn under another garment, all the while performing the function of providing support and comfort and yet look different from everything else in the market, one requires a lot of creativity to execute that."

Triumph Inspiration Award Malaysia National Finals ‘08 photos by Michael Yip.

Photos from Triumph International's Japan Inspiration Award 2008 (26th May) that are in line with the whimsical fashions of previous years.

Triumph Inspiration Award 2008 website. The site presents a company history and advertising videos from yesteryear. There is a historical overview of lingerie fashion with a section on Chinese underwear.

Plus Size Bras:'s Kate Harding's 30 May 2008 post led me to Ashley Stewart's Butterfly collection brings sexy fashion to plus size lingerie. Some coverage of the premier runway event can be found at Sharon Quinn's blog.

Harding's column also mentioned the profession of Dr. Joanna Scurr, a leading authority on sports-related breast movement. Apparently in demand from makers of sports bras.

Bra Fun:
Triumph International Theme Undies posted on Japundit.

A slightly different version of the bizarre bra gallery from November 14th, 2007 by Steve Levenstein

Triumph International Japan's latest bra concept is the environmentally friendly, and green colored, "Solar Power Bra" featuring a solar panel worn around the stomach. While the concept promotes alternative energy production, "the panel requires light to generate electricity and the concept bra will not be in stores anytime soon, said Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda, as 'people usually can not go outside without wearing clothes over it.'"

Sex and the City

This clip was originally broadcast on E!.

Cosabella unveiled its Sex and the City movie tie-in range on 15 April 2008 with lingerie inspired by the popular characters. The Detroit Free Press presents a gallery of 7 photos showing off the range.

"Cosabella, meaning "beautiful thing", was founded in 1983, and led by the Italian husband and wife team of Ugo and Valeria Campello."

Cosabella added to company history list.

This is a well-designed site utilizing flash to present the extensive collections. Links to catalog pages present pdf versions indicating available colors and styles.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dream Job Interview--Bra Fitter

Eveden created a game to test your skill determining correct bra size by choosing the bra size for various UK celebrities: Do you measure up?

This game is part of a closed competition for lingerie prizes. You can still have fun pretending to be a bra fitter to pop culture "royalty".

"Eveden Limited are specialists in designing and manufacturing high quality, fashion conscious lingerie and bra-sized swimwear in larger cup sizes."
Company Philosophy

Every successful business has to have a clear purpose and Eveden's aim is to provide a unique combination of the best fitting and most fashionable lingerie for our consumers worldwide

Who are our consumers? We understand that every woman is different but we hope to meet their needs through our five brands.

We want consumers to expect the very best from our brands; we have a totally dedicated expert team to ensure that they will not be disappointed!

They have a well designed website featuring a company history, a short history of lingerie and pointers to their signature brands Fantasie, Freya, Goddess, Fauve, and Elomi.

I found Eveden from a google pointer to the blog "Lingerie Directory UK". The blog has been added to the lingerie blogroll.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

No Nonsense Hosiery

"From that memorable bright orange plastic package of nylons first introduced in 1972 to its current status as the no 2 brand of legwear and a growing manufacturer of intimates in the U.S." is the lead line from a Friday, April 04, 2008 press release touting No Nonsense's focus on comfort as the brand grows beyond the hosiery market.

Kayser-Roth & the No Nonsense brand present "Our history of innovation:

* First control top hosiery
* First transparent control top hosiery
* First shaping hosiery in mass market
* First age-defying hosiery products with graduated compression technology
* First natural moisture management athletic sock incorporating earth-friendly bamboo
* First shoe solutions collection including: foot tube, gel insoles, and slingback liner
* First completely convertible line of bras"

History of No nonsense

1973 No nonsense is introduced by the Kayser-Roth Corporation.

1978 The Kayser-Roth Corporation introduces the first control top pantyhose, No nonsense Control Top. Instantly recognizable from its iconic green package, No nonsense quickly becomes one of the most popular brands of pantyhose in America.

1986 No nonsense products are made using a production process called 16-point graduation, a technical breakthrough in pantyhose knitting from Kayser-Roth that allows for improved fit and comfort.

1993 No nonsense introduces Great Shapes, the first 'shaping pantyhose" that combines traditional pantyhose with the figure-enhancing effects of body shapers.

1996 No nonsense introduces Sheer Endurance, a beautifully sheer, beautifully strong hosiery collection.

1997 No nonsense takes Control Top one step further by introducing Transparent Control. Kayser-Roth's Calvin Klein Hosiery introduces a similarly invisible control top pantyhose.

1998 Kayser-Roth introduces its first age-defying hosiery products for No nonsense and HUE legwear. Both brands begin utilizing technology that delivers therapeutic benefits to women's legs.

1999 No nonsense introduces Almost Bare, pantyhose so sexy, so comfortable and so sheer, it's like wearing no pantyhose at all.

2000 No nonsense is the first to introduce the smooth toe seam in the value-priced, multi-pack sock category.

2002 No nonsense introduces nonstop, a durable, comfortable line of hosiery that meets the challenges of women's busy lives.

2004 No nonsense offers its first line of women's panties. Also in 2004, No nonsense is listed as the 17th most recognizable apparel brand in America (between Ralph Lauren and Lee) by Women's Wear Daily magazine.

2005 The new No nonsense debuts, complete with new packaging, a new website, fun marketing programs and lots of new products, including sleepwear; super soft and stylish athletic socks; fun, seasonal and novelty socks; and shoe comfort products, as well as socks for men and children.

2007 No nonsense moves up to number eight in the wwd 100, an annual survey of consumer brand awareness. The brand expands its product offering to include a selection of licensed T-Shirt and Ultimate Sport Bra's. Ultimate Shapers are introduced to meet the growing demand for the fast growing Shaper category. Ultimate Shapers provide soft, smooth, comfortable fabric with no-roll waistbands in 3 product choices, Waist to Mid-Thigh Shaper, Waist to Mid-Thigh Butt Lifter Shaper and Pant Lining Shaper.
I added this link to the company history link list.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

D&G history

Here is some basic company history on Dolce & Gabbana from Bridezilla--including how to say their names.

I found this picture of Trixie in orange while searching for a picture of sheer panties for the dictionary--I'm sure that is the wrong word to use. I really like orange & this is a beautiful corset & this site needs more pictures. So....

The picture is from This is not a sex blog, but credit for the source is required.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bra Fun

Try out Olga, the Traveling Bra for amusement--be careful of the music playing & the extended load time. busts the myth about Otto Titzling--inventor of the brassiere.

Update 14 June 2008:

Crazy Facts Corner

* The amount of material it took to fully clothe a woman dropped by 80% between 1911 and 1922
* A hoop skirt was believed to be "the *only* article of clothing which stands a chance of saving you from quicksand."
* In Iowa it used to be illegal for a woman not to wear a corset.

# Today the biggest selling colour is white, while ivory and cream come a close second. Tea rose was a hot favourite from the Twenties right through to the Fifties.
# In 1971 skin tones were bestsellers and were second favourites until about 5 years ago.
# About 20% of sales are on fashion colours

Lingerie Industry Groups

It is the intention of certain members of the Intimate Apparel Industry to raise funds and expend energy to safeguard the present and future health of said industry by:
* Primarily supporting education of new talent.
* Secondarily by attracting this talent to careers in Intimate Apparel.
* Thirdly to act as a good citizen in the local community within which the industry exists.
* To accomplish these goals these members have formed the Underfashion Club, Inc
The group presents the annual--2008 marks the 50th time--Femmy Awards:
The Femmy Gala, recognized as a premier event in the Intimate Apparel Industry, is the fundraising vehicle which enables the Underfashion Club to support its extensive Scholarship, Awards, Internship and Grants (SAIG) programs. These efforts bring to life the Underfashion Club’s credo of "Education today for a better industry tomorrow".
The Intimate Apparel Council is a division of the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA). Established in the year 2000, AAFA is the result of the merger of three organizations: American Apparel Manufacturers Association, Footwear Industries of America, and the Fashion Association.

Headquartered in Arlington, VA, AAFA represents the membership on legislation, regulatory and administrative issues in Washington D.C. It also provides information and educational services for its members and the general public regarding industry issues.

Although AAFA has just started, it traces its roots back to 1960 when the apparel industry executives formed the American Apparel Manufacturers Association as a venue in working together to meet the needs of the industry. Forty years later, AAMA merged with other organizations and became AAFA.
  • Network Dessous is a specialty publisher of journals documenting and presenting trends in lingerie, underwear and swimwear. They have several international magazines.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Shapewear is a lingerie category defined by body sculpting garments that incorporate the latest technology in fabrics to provide smoothing and shaping benefits comfortably. Throughout history, women have gone to extremes to make themselves look good in their clothes, and women only have one body, so they can’t conform to every different style naturally. Thanks to the miracle of Lycra--10% blended with nylon or cotton does the fashion trick while allowing the wearer to continue to breathe--a real problem with earlier garments. Instant shape without plastic surgery!

Corsets are the earliest examples of gadgets designed to manipulate the body into a more desirable silhouette. Farthingales, bumrolls and bustles were devices that shaped skirts, producing the illusion of an idela body style. Girdles bound and constricted the tummy most uncomfortably. But, modern shapewear (or compression garments) is constructed of fabrics that are attractive, sleek and even sexy; often the aim is to smooth “lumps & bumps” to make outerwear appear better.

Compression garments come in many forms, from the type that tame the tummy to the types that slim the thighs and rear end. Some compression garments target a specific area and others are made to give shape to the entire body. Since compression garments came into vogue recently, women everywhere are pledging their allegiance to shapewear. This is where compression garments come into play. With compression garments, a woman can look like she has that perfectly trim tummy she’s always wanted or that tight read end. Some women think compression garments are virtual miracles.

Visual Slimming Tricks: Red Carpet Secrets presents four styles of shapewear: The cami shaper, the body suit, the bottom shaper, and the dress shaper.

Some of the newest styles are introduced by Shiny Style for Spring 2008. Included are Bordeaux, Hanes and Spanx.

"Everyone interviewed for this piece universally attributed one factor as Trinny and Susannah [TV style gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine] and their 2001 What Not to Wear television show, which transformed the nation's attitude to underwear. Their relentless assault on laughably awful underwear shamed many of us to take a long hard look at our boobs and realise we, too, needed to go shopping. Wearing the right bra size miraculously made us feel more confident - giving us a better posture and making us look slimmer. So why Trinny and Susannah haven't branched into bras is a mystery, particularly since their Magic Knickers range, despite resembling semi-surgical post-operative apparatus, has been a huge hit."

A blog entilted Fashion Figure posted an Instyle Magazine on shapewear that visually describes the uses and variety of the garments in "Help Enhanciong God-Given Assets". I'm glad to have found this posting because InStyle often presents articles like this one in print, but not online & then I can never fidn the magazien when I want to purchase a copy--just frustrating.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Greatest Fashion Innovations of All Time?

Bra a bare necessity?

A list of the top women's fashion innovations list was compiled from a survey of 3000 women who shop at Debenhams a popular Australian department store--giving new perspective on the global nature of our society.

1. Push-up bra (with 20% of the vote)
2. Boot cut jeans
3. Pull-in pants
4. Stilettos
5. Little Black dress
6. Hipster jeans
7. Mini skirt
8. Strapless bra
9. Support tights
10. Kitten heels
11. Stockings
12. Sports bra
13. G-String
14. Flip flops
15. Chicken Fillets—breast enhancers
16. Pencil skirt
17. Hot pants
18. Boy-shorts
19. Trainer socks
20. Comfortable trainers

Friday, March 21, 2008

Vintage ad illustration

For those who enjoy bra and girdle ads from the post-war era here is a lead to information on illustrator Haddon Sundblom and a gallery of his work for Formfit.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

bra innovations

Heart Monitors:

Sci/Fi or the future of health monitoring? This article reminds me of recent science fiction (Vernor Vinge for one) promoting access to a universal internet through wearable computing devices:
Minimizers, maximizers, backless, strapless-- the bra has often been less about function than about redesigning women's bodies and fetishizing the female breast. We've got Wonder Bras, Cross Your Heart bras, training bras--all promising to mold, lift, squeeze, and reshape us into Barbie-like "perfection." As if. But what about a bra that may save your life?

Kursty Groves thinks it's about time. And this British engineer has designed a bra that's less about form and more about function, specifically keeping women safe.

Her Techno Bra is loaded with electric circuits that monitor the heartbeat. The circuits set off an alarm if the heart rate leaps suddenly, indicating panic. Unless you squeeze two buttons in the front clasp, the bra signals a central computer that uses a global positioning system to determine your location and dispatches help. The Techno Bra started as Groves's final project for a master's degree in industrial design engineering but has piqued the interest of Proactive, a company helping to develop the technology. According to Groves, in the not so distant future the Techno Bra may be lining store shelves as the latest in personal security.

--Nicole Saunders in Ms Magazine

The Invisible Bra:

Found a post by Asian Sweetheart about the Invisible Bra. Instructions for applying this strapless bra--two adhesive flesh-colored cups with a front clasp for cleavage enhancement are included.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Hanes bans the wedgie

Actress's Red Carpet Wedgie Discomfort Provided Inspiration for Print Campaign

March 6, 2008. Hanesbrands, the biggest player in the roughly $3 billion panty market, is competing with mall-based brands like' Victoria's Secret chain and other big names such as Jockey International by offering the wedgie-proof Hanes No Ride Up Panty.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Useful Ebay Guides to Lingerie

The Knicker Picker

visit the Knicker Picker dressing room for an innovative lingerie shopping guide featuring 3 models wearing a variety of popular styles and brands. This is a great way to "try on" underwear before buying it.
"We are trying to take the guesswork and embarrassment out of underwear shopping and make it more fun," Talbot said. "With an online dressing room, you can interact with the models and see how the items actually look on women with realistic body shapes. I think it would be near on impossible to get a sales assistant in a shop to try on underwear for you to look at."

You can then pick from a list of sexy garments and get your model to don them by clicking on each item and dragging them towards them.

For a closer look you can beckon the model towards you or ask them to spin round and show off the rear view.

Details, prices and sizes of each piece of underwear appear on a screen next to the model, so you can add them to your shopping basket.

KnickerPicker then connects you to the relevant retailer's Web site to make your purchase.

(Fox news)

Triumph International's Annual Eco-Design Contest

Triumph International is a United Kingdom based lingerie house with a green focus. They also promote student innovation. A vehicle for both is the Triumph Inspiration Award. In this competition, select schools challenge students to create a unique product design promoting environmental awareness. " The winning designer, judged by experts in the field of design, fashion and the media, at the final held in July 2008 at Bejing, would bag a cash prize of Euro 15,000 and get a chance to sell the product in select stores worldwide."
The collection includes:
  • "My Hashi bra" (my chopsticks bra), features a pair of foldable recycled chopsticks that can be stashed in the sides of the bra and removed to eat a meal of rice and soup or while eating out. "The product comes with removable, traditional cases on the shoulder straps and a detachable 'chopstick rest at the centre of the bra that is made of paper recycled from wooden chopsticks. The idea is to highlight the need to reduce waste and establish a recycling -based society".
  • The 'No More Plastic Bags' bra can contains folded-up reusable shopping bags within the bra cups, made from recycled polyester fibre. "When worn the folded shopping bags act as padding and they can be removed and unfolded to be used for shopping!," claims the company. "The left and right parts are then clasped using fasteners and attached to the bulk of the bra using hooks. The shoulder straps are then tied onto the top of the bag as ribbons and the lace used on the cup area functions as an attractive and stylish feature on this cute shopping bag, it adds.
  • Recycle PET' created from recycled bottles
  • the Warm Biz bra introduced last year again in Japan in a bid to reduce energy consumption during winter. The bra can be heated up in a standard microwave, and contains a heat-retaining gel.
  • The Eco globe bra, on the other hand, uses fabrics that biodegrade into compost and revert to the soil. "The turquoise-blue material used is an eco material based on corn and designed to biodegrade via the activity of micro-organisms and change into compost over several years and revert to soil. it maintains low-combustible energy when burnt and does not emit harmful gases," says a company official.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bra Fun

Check out pogloss's list of the 24 weirdest bras on the internet.

For more lingerie fun check out my earlier post "Panty Fun".

Update 14 June 2008:

Weird bras? how about Bacon? or lettuce?--no tomato yet. From

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The First post-Maternity Panty

A panty designed for the post-cesarean birth parent as reported in the Tonawanda News:
the C-Panty, a special underwear designed specifically for women who recently have undergone Cesarean sections. The panty is designed to minimize scar appearance, promote comfort and to lessen the “fluff” or bulge around your scar, sometimes called the “c-shelf”

For information about Cesarean scar management and the C-panty visit A shaper panty will soon be introduced (according to the newspaper.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Etam French design house celebrate 100 years

Etam Developpement
, with origins dating back to 1916, is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a free fashion show.

Visit the show's website to learn more & win tickets--brush up on your French.

The company website is very well done. Three affordable, attractive options are available for the working woman (Etam lingerie ranges and 1 2 3 business fashions) and the Undiz for teens (lingerie).

Economic Trends:

"According to the Port Washington, N.Y.-based market-research firm NPD Group, sales of bras, panties, slips -- not to mention corsets and even garter belts -- were $10.6 billion for the 12 months ended in November [2007]. That's a 2.9 percent growth rate over the prior year's the same 12 months." cite

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Made by Niki lingerie, a new look for VS & also some competition

Made by Niki is a collectible lingerie brand featuring limited edition pieces.
Brand Overview: 'Niki', which was voted a top 20 brand alongside major players Cacharel, Galliano and Diesel [1], has exploded into the global lingerie arena. Customers can have their purchases personalised, and for the more discerning customer, Niki also offers Numbered Limited Editions. [1] Source: WGSN from Paris, Salon International de la Lingerie February 2007 About Niki: Niki McMorrough was formerly a diarist and writer for Lingerie Buyer magazine and The Sunday Telegraph, and was Head of Marketing for Ministry of Sound and Turner Broadcasting. She trained in lingerie design and business at London College of Fashion, London College of Printing, De Montfort University and Royal Holloway University of London, finally giving up an award-winning career so that she could launch her own label.
National Geographic video overview of the bra--history & fit

In unglamorous Fayetteville NC a new look for Victoria's Secret stores is abut to be unveiled (as reported in the 26 JAn 08 Fayetteville Observer:
Victoria’s Secret revealed

There was another revelation at the mall this week — although this one was kept under tight security.

The new Victoria’s Secret opened Friday. Photographer Cindy Burnham and I were escorted by the mall’s marketing manager to see the new digs, although taking photos of the store was a no-no. I guess they were afraid we’d run a photo of someone in their skivvies.

Anyway, the store is a new prototype for the lingerie and sleepwear purveyor and has more space for its frilly unmentionables.

For the first time, the company’s entire beauty line will be available for sale here. It includes makeup, skin care, hair care and perfume products.

There is also an expanded line of PINK apparel and an exclusive line of Italian lingerie called Intimissimi.

The new store is very hip, colorful and bumpin’ with loud pop music.

Some competition for VS?
The most recent retailer to announce its entrance into this competition is Abercrombie & Fitch. They recently announced their new Gilly Hicks Sydney store, an Australian-themed line that is expecting to rival competitors. Abercrombie & Fitch is being very secretive about this new line. However, its Web site,, suggests that the store intends to reach an older and more sophisticated clientele compared with Aerie and Pink.

Did Victoria Secret open the door for a competitor to become the new name for sexy lingerie? Gilly Hicks' Web site has an 18-and-older disclaimer prior to entering the site and viewing the promotional video. If you think Victoria Secret commercials are too racy, you should steer clear from viewing Gilly Hicks' promotional video. Will Gilly Hicks compete with Victoria Secret and draw them back to their roots? Only time will tell.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not quite related websites

This blog from Izabella is intriguing. She obviously spends a lot of time online & in her workshop to sell her collages. This website combines some of my favorite distractions in vintage-appearing collages with that sepia look & colors from the early 20th century, pin-ups and lingerie related good-girl cheesecake. There are lots of Spanish & medieval Christian themes.

Her work is inspirational as I explore illustrating my journals.

This site reminds me of Dave McKean and his collages brought to the mainstream through the hugely popular Sandman graphic novels--covers by McKean and stories by Neil Gaiman--from the Vertigo imprint.

The erotics of type describes a history of fonts created around the eroticism of the human body. There are several alphabets created with human forms.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Antique Corset--Unmentionables Exhibit

From Medieval times to the invention of elastic and spandex, undergarments were used as the foundation for the fashionable silhouette. The corset was the most important of all women’s underwear; in addition to supporting and molding the figure it had the advantage of erotic appeal.

Welcome to Antique Corset, dedicated to the history of elusive and frivolous Unmentionables with special emphasis on Corsetry and Shaping Garments used to create the fashionable silhouette.

Featuring exhibits of corsets, stays, hoops, bustles, chemises, petticoats, bloomers, bust bodices/ enhancers, teddies, knickers, brassieres, falsies, girdles, panties, garters, stockings, slips and lingerie.