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Suspants--the panty garter saves the day

Panty Garter (suspender briefs in the UK)
Panty and garter combination used in place of a girdle or garter belt to hold women's stockings up.
Suspants was a panty garter offered by Blue Swan, a brand of the McKay Products Corporation, beginning in 1947. Suspants became so popular that the name became the generic name for all panty garters (a retro-proprietary eponym since the panty garter is not commonly worn today).
To accomplish its' task comfortably the garment was designed specifically so the weight of the wearer's stockings would not pull the panty down and movement would not stretch and tear nylon stockings. Garters could be removed and they could just be worn as a panty.

Trademark of Maidenform, Inc.

MAIDENFORM | Free Online Trademark Search | Trademark by Maidenform, Inc.

a page with trademark information about the Maidenform Company.

like originally registered 9/4/1951

eBay Guides - Guide to REAL vintage panties

eBay Guides - Guide to REAL vintage panties

Put old bras to good use: build a bra bridge, why not?

Put old bras to good use: build a bra bridge, why not?

Gaga for Barbie - TODAY

Gaga for Barbie

a TODAY Show slideshow in which fashion designers recreate the iconic fashionista singers looks with dolls.

Size and Age no longer fitting the same old ideas

Who can wear sexy lingerie continues to be less of a question as ideas change regarding beauty in the world. More options open up for women after motherhood and divorce, and for women beyond a size 8.

‘Cougar’ culture boosting sultry lingerie sales - TODAY Fashion & Beauty

Women 40+ buying lingerie thanks to rise in cougar "role models"
May 4, 8:51 AM Intimate Apparel Examiner author Alicia Vargo

Lane Bryant Cacique ad boosts sales and promotes changes in body image stereotypes:

Updated October 21, 2009
Pressure to Get Skinny Still the Fashion Norm, Even in the Plus-Sized Model World
By Allison McGevna -

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Maidenform links

Full Brief Panties: Male-Modeling Maidenform Dreams

this post from a pantyboy looking for female responses includes several Maidenform historical links to be checked out for inclusion in the history. I really like the I Dreamed campaign. Several ads can be found online, but not all & not in place. I have collected some of them offline.