Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bra Fit--get your size right for the best & comfort

Apparently, even with--and maybe because of--all the attention paid to breast size & bra fit over the past few years, there is no post about getting the right size on this blog. Well, time to change that.

Let's start with a quick pointer to "Top Five Bra-Sizing Myths"

Pasties--a "how-to"

Ran across this article on Nipple Tassles & realized that it makes an excellent companion for my previous introduction to pasties.
Too bad that post is old (March 2007) & many links are broken; the Internet moves pretty fast & server space is limited. Try these:
  • Craftster tutorial on pasties. The pasties and tassels she made are fun. Just a couple quick steps: "i made a pattern with card stock, a little bit bigger than a nipple, and cut out a triangle, to make this little pac-man shape, so the felt will be a cone shape when its glued...trace the pattern on the felt, and hot glued the edges together..and decorated them...(sequins, feathers, lace...)"
  • Quarter Cup, or shelf, Bra

    In certain situations where are regular bra just won't cut it, but breast support is required. For example, wearing a dress with a very low neckline exposes a regular bra. A solution is the quarter cup bra. Covering only about a quarter of the breast (the name is obvious) leaving the nipples and areole completely uncovered. The best thing about 1/4 cup bras is that it can streamline a lot of your looks. They are best worn under plunging necklines; however, if the neckline goes lower than the breasts themselves, a plunging bra works better.

    Making clothing look better isn't the only reason why quarter cup bras are popular. They are also sexy. Leaving the nipples exposed provides room to cover or accentuate the nipples using pasties. Like this "mudflap quarter cup vinyl bra shown with the on leash leather collar, cuff and pasty set".

Saturday, July 04, 2009

notes in the early hours

It's Summer & the bikini is having a birthday party. This is a great time to update some links and add a few notes--especially when the dogs woke me up while others are sleeping.: