Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hosiery history links

I expected to find too much hosiery history--beyond the porn and retail sites--and was not disappointed.

here are some sites to check out:
Museum of Hosiery presents a comprehensive look at stockings in the modern era. There are a number of grammatical errors distracting the reader--hope they get an editor--from an otherwise informative site. There is a glossary, historical overview of 20th century hosiery--focusing primarily on the WW2 era and the introduction of fashion legwear. The site is extensively linked and includes plenty of historical pictures. Maintained by a retro-style retailer.

"TIM Bulgaria - fine stockings and pantyhoses

TIM Bulgaria is a hosiery company established in 1993. With nearly 15 year experience we are continuing to meet the requirements of the European woman. New technologies are giving us the opportunity to be dynamic and precise in the design of our fashion collections, provoked by the worlds fashion tendencies.

The company's product list include: Classic, Elastic and Fashion Pantyhose, Footless Tights and stockings for woman and children."

For a view inside a working American Hosiery mill: Our Stocking & Hosiery Factory

The History of Nylons is an original looking article posted on My

HCI Direct Inc.
company history

If you want a list of companies on the internet (hosiery, lingerie, and swimwear) check out Fashion Mission.

Wikipedia is a good place to get information. They have begun noting new articles and articles without references. Print references are highlighted. All the better for building credibility in a cynical world. The Brassiere site is totally rebuilt in the last few months, expanded some of the tangential bullshit removed. Just a little unnerving though when you think an entry is familiar & re-learning is required.

Wikipedia lists lingerie pieces and a long article on the Wonderbra.

Spanx power panties--shapers--has a unique "herstory", brought to you be entrepreneur Sara Blakely, that can be read here.

A directory of hosiery brands at My's hosiery glossary and historical overview with links to visual entries.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lingerie History--new sites found

spending some time this morning on a project that craves completion--a dictionary of lingerie-related terms including pictures and historical information. An appreciation of clothing design, marketing, fashion and organization bursts from this project. Designing the presentation and editing all the information collected (mostly off the internet, but not completely) is a job. Anyone who has done a little research and writing can relate. The creative process has been interesting and fun. I'm looking forward to the "finished" hardcopy.

Here's what I found today:
  • Love to Know's Lingerie Community is a wiki group ranging wide, but necessarily deep, across the underwear landscape. The history section is scanty & questionable--as always, cross check your sources. It does feature a "panty gallery" presenting some of the variety offered to men and women.
  • Serge Lingerie "Explore Your Lingerie World! If you are looking for information on everything related to lingerie fashion browse Serge Lingerie your guide to a bright and brilliant array of lingerie styles, designs, textures, and colors. We combined the convenience of the Internet with an ever-changing world of lingerie and created your ultimate information resource of women's lingerie online."
Site includes a glossary of terms, pictorial dictionary, European size charts and historical overview. Nice presentation focused on the modern bra.

A celebration of the 100th anniversary of the bra from (with a partnership with Maidenform) with a very nice graphical timeline.

John Walsh put together the nicely written survey, A Social History of the Bra, in Aug 2007 for the 100th anniversary of the garment.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The "Petite Coquette" blog

The "Petite Coquette" thread: The "Luxe Lingerie Blog"

"All infos about lingerie on line: sites, shops, collections, but also news around new collections, sales and curiosities. All you need to know about the "dessous chics"..."

a fun, sexy, glamorous site for sexy glamorous lingerie with brands and shopping guides. Fun for browsing and shopping. Showcasing lingerie art photography.

For historical content, the retail site Knickers At Mio Detsino, presents a brief overview. But the promised links and pictures are not included; creating curiosity about where they lifted it from.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Panty Fun

Lingerie Party Fun with posts like "5 Items You can Turn Into Underwear", "25 Wild Things You can Make out of a Bra" and "Literacy Uncovered - The Lingerie Story". The latter is a story about how books were printed on rag paper--and the seduction (?) of underwear books. Its a fun look at underwear.

"TFI:True Femmes Invisible
Women whose bodies vanish while their garments remain visible" presents a collection of film and tv moments featuring invisible women with visible clothing (usually underwear).

From Sista SoFine's blog about fashion & lingerie comes a post touting Fluorescent underwear of chantilly lace that glows under a black light--just the thing for 70's sexy fun. Check out Deborah Marquit's shop for color selections.