Sunday, February 24, 2008

Useful Ebay Guides to Lingerie

The Knicker Picker

visit the Knicker Picker dressing room for an innovative lingerie shopping guide featuring 3 models wearing a variety of popular styles and brands. This is a great way to "try on" underwear before buying it.
"We are trying to take the guesswork and embarrassment out of underwear shopping and make it more fun," Talbot said. "With an online dressing room, you can interact with the models and see how the items actually look on women with realistic body shapes. I think it would be near on impossible to get a sales assistant in a shop to try on underwear for you to look at."

You can then pick from a list of sexy garments and get your model to don them by clicking on each item and dragging them towards them.

For a closer look you can beckon the model towards you or ask them to spin round and show off the rear view.

Details, prices and sizes of each piece of underwear appear on a screen next to the model, so you can add them to your shopping basket.

KnickerPicker then connects you to the relevant retailer's Web site to make your purchase.

(Fox news)

Triumph International's Annual Eco-Design Contest

Triumph International is a United Kingdom based lingerie house with a green focus. They also promote student innovation. A vehicle for both is the Triumph Inspiration Award. In this competition, select schools challenge students to create a unique product design promoting environmental awareness. " The winning designer, judged by experts in the field of design, fashion and the media, at the final held in July 2008 at Bejing, would bag a cash prize of Euro 15,000 and get a chance to sell the product in select stores worldwide."
The collection includes:
  • "My Hashi bra" (my chopsticks bra), features a pair of foldable recycled chopsticks that can be stashed in the sides of the bra and removed to eat a meal of rice and soup or while eating out. "The product comes with removable, traditional cases on the shoulder straps and a detachable 'chopstick rest at the centre of the bra that is made of paper recycled from wooden chopsticks. The idea is to highlight the need to reduce waste and establish a recycling -based society".
  • The 'No More Plastic Bags' bra can contains folded-up reusable shopping bags within the bra cups, made from recycled polyester fibre. "When worn the folded shopping bags act as padding and they can be removed and unfolded to be used for shopping!," claims the company. "The left and right parts are then clasped using fasteners and attached to the bulk of the bra using hooks. The shoulder straps are then tied onto the top of the bag as ribbons and the lace used on the cup area functions as an attractive and stylish feature on this cute shopping bag, it adds.
  • Recycle PET' created from recycled bottles
  • the Warm Biz bra introduced last year again in Japan in a bid to reduce energy consumption during winter. The bra can be heated up in a standard microwave, and contains a heat-retaining gel.
  • The Eco globe bra, on the other hand, uses fabrics that biodegrade into compost and revert to the soil. "The turquoise-blue material used is an eco material based on corn and designed to biodegrade via the activity of micro-organisms and change into compost over several years and revert to soil. it maintains low-combustible energy when burnt and does not emit harmful gases," says a company official.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bra Fun

Check out pogloss's list of the 24 weirdest bras on the internet.

For more lingerie fun check out my earlier post "Panty Fun".

Update 14 June 2008:

Weird bras? how about Bacon? or lettuce?--no tomato yet. From

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The First post-Maternity Panty

A panty designed for the post-cesarean birth parent as reported in the Tonawanda News:
the C-Panty, a special underwear designed specifically for women who recently have undergone Cesarean sections. The panty is designed to minimize scar appearance, promote comfort and to lessen the “fluff” or bulge around your scar, sometimes called the “c-shelf”

For information about Cesarean scar management and the C-panty visit A shaper panty will soon be introduced (according to the newspaper.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Etam French design house celebrate 100 years

Etam Developpement
, with origins dating back to 1916, is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a free fashion show.

Visit the show's website to learn more & win tickets--brush up on your French.

The company website is very well done. Three affordable, attractive options are available for the working woman (Etam lingerie ranges and 1 2 3 business fashions) and the Undiz for teens (lingerie).

Economic Trends:

"According to the Port Washington, N.Y.-based market-research firm NPD Group, sales of bras, panties, slips -- not to mention corsets and even garter belts -- were $10.6 billion for the 12 months ended in November [2007]. That's a 2.9 percent growth rate over the prior year's the same 12 months." cite