Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Notes in Fashion History

Artful Mama's Ephemera: Undergarments
presents scans of advertisements "PRIMARILY IMAGES FROM THE: Bellas Hess &Co Fall and Winter Catalog. I'm not sure of the exact year....but, I'm guessing late 20's, maybe early 30's. Enjoy!!!"

These do give historical perspective.

Cowgirl Fashion–Prairie Rose Henderson
"In the early 1900s, Prairie Rose Henderson was a popular performer who created a bit of a stir by being one of the first to wear bloomers to ride." Her work would have come during the increase of social comfort around female athletes and the fashion developments which ensued.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Victoria`s Secret conquers Canada

Victoria`s Secret conquers Canada

The brand is presented in the fashion industry since 1977. During the long-term history the company repeatedly changed its priorities and searched for an own way of style, gradually having proved itself as the best manufacturer of female lingerie in the USA. The main reason of “Victoria's Secret” huge popularity, not only in America but all around the world, is the unique design that allows women to always remain unique and exceptional, stylish and self-confident.
Original models of women lingerie, amazing sleepwear, exclusive quality garments in pace with the latest fashion trends - this is “Victoria's Secret” brand characteristics. The source of excellence is covered within the fabrics, used only for leading couturiers collections, on which the company does not save the expenses. Ideal body fit – another trademark of the brand, a convenient system of size definition does not allow one to be mistaken. Customers consistently remain happy with their choice and the act of purchases itself that turns into delight for women, giving them a fine mood and blissful charm. “Victoria`s Secret” chic lingerie is regarded as an accessible luxury.
Beginning in 1995, “Victoria`s Secret” began holding the annual “Victoria`s Secret Fashion Show”, which is broadcasted primetime on American television. The show is a lavish event with elaborate costumed lingerie, varying music, and set design according to the different themes running within the show. The show attracts hundreds of celebrities and entertainers, with special performers and/or acts every year. The “Victoria`s Secret Angels” are a small group of top models contracted to the company, and as such are the brand's most visible models and spokeswomen.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

giant knickers gather attention--and signatures

Okay, I had to link to this July 2008 UK Twitter event (4Talent magazine · Twitter competition winner announced) because it touches on two personal themes: Panties and helping the community. Not because any real lingerie history is involved--although it might if there was someone extant big enough to wear these....

[sidenote alert: Ever notice how people can say "underwear" in normal conversation, but when they say "panties" all inflection changes and volume drops? As if it is somehow embarrassing or impolite to use the name of a garment where the general form has none of the same connotation. Oh well, two different people--one male & one female--shared the same story today & both had striking vocal changes when they mentioned the panties. By the way, neither used "underwear" in the story.]

Anyway these giant bikinis raised awareness for Oxfam & you can read about it by following the link above.