Sunday, April 04, 2010

giant knickers gather attention--and signatures

Okay, I had to link to this July 2008 UK Twitter event (4Talent magazine · Twitter competition winner announced) because it touches on two personal themes: Panties and helping the community. Not because any real lingerie history is involved--although it might if there was someone extant big enough to wear these....

[sidenote alert: Ever notice how people can say "underwear" in normal conversation, but when they say "panties" all inflection changes and volume drops? As if it is somehow embarrassing or impolite to use the name of a garment where the general form has none of the same connotation. Oh well, two different people--one male & one female--shared the same story today & both had striking vocal changes when they mentioned the panties. By the way, neither used "underwear" in the story.]

Anyway these giant bikinis raised awareness for Oxfam & you can read about it by following the link above.

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