Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Greatest Fashion Innovations of All Time?

Bra a bare necessity?

A list of the top women's fashion innovations list was compiled from a survey of 3000 women who shop at Debenhams a popular Australian department store--giving new perspective on the global nature of our society.

1. Push-up bra (with 20% of the vote)
2. Boot cut jeans
3. Pull-in pants
4. Stilettos
5. Little Black dress
6. Hipster jeans
7. Mini skirt
8. Strapless bra
9. Support tights
10. Kitten heels
11. Stockings
12. Sports bra
13. G-String
14. Flip flops
15. Chicken Fillets—breast enhancers
16. Pencil skirt
17. Hot pants
18. Boy-shorts
19. Trainer socks
20. Comfortable trainers

Friday, March 21, 2008

Vintage ad illustration

For those who enjoy bra and girdle ads from the post-war era here is a lead to information on illustrator Haddon Sundblom and a gallery of his work for Formfit.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

bra innovations

Heart Monitors:

Sci/Fi or the future of health monitoring? This article reminds me of recent science fiction (Vernor Vinge for one) promoting access to a universal internet through wearable computing devices:
Minimizers, maximizers, backless, strapless-- the bra has often been less about function than about redesigning women's bodies and fetishizing the female breast. We've got Wonder Bras, Cross Your Heart bras, training bras--all promising to mold, lift, squeeze, and reshape us into Barbie-like "perfection." As if. But what about a bra that may save your life?

Kursty Groves thinks it's about time. And this British engineer has designed a bra that's less about form and more about function, specifically keeping women safe.

Her Techno Bra is loaded with electric circuits that monitor the heartbeat. The circuits set off an alarm if the heart rate leaps suddenly, indicating panic. Unless you squeeze two buttons in the front clasp, the bra signals a central computer that uses a global positioning system to determine your location and dispatches help. The Techno Bra started as Groves's final project for a master's degree in industrial design engineering but has piqued the interest of Proactive, a company helping to develop the technology. According to Groves, in the not so distant future the Techno Bra may be lining store shelves as the latest in personal security.

--Nicole Saunders in Ms Magazine

The Invisible Bra:

Found a post by Asian Sweetheart about the Invisible Bra. Instructions for applying this strapless bra--two adhesive flesh-colored cups with a front clasp for cleavage enhancement are included.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Hanes bans the wedgie

Actress's Red Carpet Wedgie Discomfort Provided Inspiration for Print Campaign

March 6, 2008. Hanesbrands, the biggest player in the roughly $3 billion panty market, is competing with mall-based brands like' Victoria's Secret chain and other big names such as Jockey International by offering the wedgie-proof Hanes No Ride Up Panty.