Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Knicker Picker

visit the Knicker Picker dressing room for an innovative lingerie shopping guide featuring 3 models wearing a variety of popular styles and brands. This is a great way to "try on" underwear before buying it.
"We are trying to take the guesswork and embarrassment out of underwear shopping and make it more fun," Talbot said. "With an online dressing room, you can interact with the models and see how the items actually look on women with realistic body shapes. I think it would be near on impossible to get a sales assistant in a shop to try on underwear for you to look at."

You can then pick from a list of sexy garments and get your model to don them by clicking on each item and dragging them towards them.

For a closer look you can beckon the model towards you or ask them to spin round and show off the rear view.

Details, prices and sizes of each piece of underwear appear on a screen next to the model, so you can add them to your shopping basket.

KnickerPicker then connects you to the relevant retailer's Web site to make your purchase.

(Fox news)

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