Sunday, March 15, 2009

Merkins and Pasties

Introducing the merkin and pasties as fashion categories.

A merkin is a pubic wig originally designed in the 15th century to cover genitalia displaying signs of lice or syphilis treatment. They have now re-surfaced for the fetish market. Check out Merkin World for information and designs. The C-Panty is a variation.

Pasties are nipple covers originally intended to skirt decency laws by covering up the nipples & preventing full nudity. Bristol6 and Gothfox Designs offer custom fashion items. The breast petal is an example of pasties designed for discretion, not attention, of nipples.

while roaming the internet today checking out the latest lingerie news I ran across Dollhouse Bettie and her site filled with vintage, burlesque, retro and contemporary lingerie. The site includes several sub-sites promoting lingerie and advertising her store.

There is a short historical gallery, pantieland, and archived photos of vintage lingerie with some beautiful pieces--mostly slips, but a few girdles also.

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