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Janet Reger Lingerie

Janet Reger (née Philips; b. September 30, 1935, d. London East End - March 14, 2005 at 630p) remembered by Christine McCarthy and Helen William, PA and Vogue UK and The Scotsman
JANET REGER has been the first name in ladies designer lingerie and nightwear for over 30 years, redefining sexy underwear, and luxury designer lingerie. The ultimate expression of seductive glamour, Janet Reger designer lingerie is the definitive romantic gift for wives and girlfriends, a byword for sexy underwear to men and women everywhere. Fine craftsmanship and luxurious fabrics combined with fresh innovative design is the continuing signature of the janet Reger brand - visible in every item from bra to g-string, from French Knickers to camisole.

Luxury lingerie in silks & satins, "Naughty Janet" with "cutout" bras--shelf bras leaving the breast uncovered, key-holed panties and other sexy items, and tennis outfits are featured.
"The full story of Janet Reger, a UK lingerie designer, reads like a fairytale."
In 1953, Janet Reger presented a matching set of designer lingerie-bras, knickers and a suspender belt-as her final year presentation at the Leicester College of Technology. She then went on to work as an in-house designer for various swimwear, underwear and lingerie manufacturers until starting her own line. Reger's ability to coordinate the cloth with the cut, the line with the fit, and the fashion with practicality and comfort was the key to her success. She always searched for the underlying idea of the garment and then worked out how it was best cut and made. From the beginning, she coordinated matching garments, a fundamental departure from the standards of the time when under-garments were black or white, with perhaps the exception for salmon pink corsets. The Janet Reger brand has become the first name in ladies designer lingerie and nightwear for over 30 years. (source)

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The brand has been carried forward by daughter, Aliza Reger, Location: London, UK. (source)

Announced 11 Feb 2009:
The Janet Reger lingerie brand has signed with The Beanstalk Group to extend its brand into a variety of lifestyle categories, including health and beauty, loungewear, plus-size lingerie and resortwear.

"We are so excited to be working with Beanstalk to strategically extend the Janet Reger lifestyle brand into inspiring new areas," says Aliza Reger, chief executive officer of Janet Reger. "The brand evokes a feeling of romanticism and indulgence and I look forward to building on the existing brand presence to capture new audiences and markets."

The existing licensing program covers watches, eyewear and bed linen. The core lingerie collection itself sells in top-end boutiques and department stores throughout the U.K., Europe and the Middle East.

In addition, the diffusion line Reger by Janet Reger is part of the Designers at Debenhams program.

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