Saturday, April 04, 2009

the Skong, trends & other notes

The Skong debuted in Fall 2008 fashion collections. Here is a gallery.

Style Guru is not impressed: "Only describable as a sore defeat to the whole purpose of the thong’s existence, the Skong is as much a fashion anomaly as it is a retrograded movement of designers who just cannot rake their brains enough to invent something radically original. Drawing shamelessly from the skirted bikinis made popular in the middle of the last century, the Skong is basically a feeble attempt at making a beachwear item look less dated. Since the skimpy and sleazy look is on its way out, the thong has lost much of its appeal in beach/pool party circles. I guess some people out there still think they can redeem that old look by adding a bit of skirting in the front. Unfortunately, it ends up looking just plain tired and a little porn star-ish which unless you’re going for THAT look isn’t such a great thing!"

This is a great idea to bring attention to a cause, raise some service dollars & have some fun at the same time.

From Trendsetter:

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