Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not quite related websites

This blog from Izabella is intriguing. She obviously spends a lot of time online & in her workshop to sell her collages. This website combines some of my favorite distractions in vintage-appearing collages with that sepia look & colors from the early 20th century, pin-ups and lingerie related good-girl cheesecake. There are lots of Spanish & medieval Christian themes.

Her work is inspirational as I explore illustrating my journals.

This site reminds me of Dave McKean and his collages brought to the mainstream through the hugely popular Sandman graphic novels--covers by McKean and stories by Neil Gaiman--from the Vertigo imprint.

The erotics of type describes a history of fonts created around the eroticism of the human body. There are several alphabets created with human forms.

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