Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bra Fun

Try out Olga, the Traveling Bra for amusement--be careful of the music playing & the extended load time. busts the myth about Otto Titzling--inventor of the brassiere.

Update 14 June 2008:

Crazy Facts Corner

* The amount of material it took to fully clothe a woman dropped by 80% between 1911 and 1922
* A hoop skirt was believed to be "the *only* article of clothing which stands a chance of saving you from quicksand."
* In Iowa it used to be illegal for a woman not to wear a corset.

# Today the biggest selling colour is white, while ivory and cream come a close second. Tea rose was a hot favourite from the Twenties right through to the Fifties.
# In 1971 skin tones were bestsellers and were second favourites until about 5 years ago.
# About 20% of sales are on fashion colours

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