Sunday, September 07, 2008

notes--Wonderbra in the news

items to deal with later:

  • lingerie books--several with patterns. The point of this website seems to be attracting people looking for erotica.
  • Agent Provocateur Logo Book & Knickers: $75 from House Industries. "When Agent Provocateur first started accosting, arousing and alarming its Soho neighbors in 1994, founder Joseph Corre brandished some lipstick and penned a New York Dolls-esque logo. Since then Agent Provocateur has grown into an internationally recognized lingerie brand that sets the global standard for thinly-clad naughtiness."
  • (July 2008) Wonderbra has designed the nipple bra for those who want more than just sexy curves. Ekstase not only forms a stunning cleavage – built-in nipples that show through clothing give that extra, sensual erotic look. Gallery.
Wonderbra is promoting Ekstase as a first, there is evidence otherwise--see the image above.

Nipples or no-nipples. Many women prefer their nipples private and can use products designed to prevent them showing. Products can also be found to display the effects of erect nipples.

Ekstase is currently available for the European market.
Dita von Teese's designs for Wonderbra debut 15th Sep 2008. Here is some "Teeser" video.

  • One more Wonderbra item before stopping for the day: Wonderbra UK created a mosiac billboard from thousands (nearly 8000, actually) of customers. Its a neat way to get women involved in the product & made an attractive advertisment. The campaign launches Wonderbra D to G for larger bra sizes.

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