Saturday, June 14, 2008

Marlies Dekkers

Lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers has a great website--designed by Studio Dumbar--showing off 15 years of bra design--art meets underwear. reports:
Marlies Dekkers first came to the attention of the public during her graduation in 1991 from the Saint Joost Academy for Art and Design when her 'bare buttock dress' grabbed the attention of the Dutch national newspapers. In 1997 a solo exhibition of her work was shown in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. Award highlights include ELLE Innovator of the Year Award (2004), Grand Seigneur prize (2005) and in 2007 she was named Businesswoman of the Year by Prix Veuve Clicquot. International pop stars and celebrities are regular customers of her work.

Mio Destino reports:
Training: Marlies Dekkers graduated from the Academy of Art with distinction in 1991.

Style: Visionary and ground-breaking lingerie. Typified by an innovative strikingly graphic character that utilises modern materials whilst retaining superb craftsmanship. A real trend setter who finds inspiration in poetry, literature, visual arts and film.

Story: Marlies Dekkers was born in 1965 and after graduating in 1991 she began work on her ‘Undressed' collection founding her own designer lingerie company in 1993. Subsequently she exhibited her fabulous swimwear collection with the unique signature 'straps' design. The ‘Sundressed' collection by Marlies Dekkers only uses the best quality materials and the comfort and gentle fit of the garments is renowned making it a popular for presents.

Highlights: Many of Marlies Dekkers' creations are displayed in modern art exhibitions and are sought after worldwide with Pussycat Dolls wearing Marlies Dekkers. Awarded the ‘Dutch Body Fashion' award in 1993.

Throughout the month of June a Rotterdam, Netherlands museum exhibits a retrospective of her work.
ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (AFP) — Bold, confident, sexy and never demure; the lingerie of Dutch designer Marlies Dekkers adorns the Rotterdam Kunsthal art gallery to mark 15 years of an illustrious career.

Black dominates the collection on display in a two-month exhibition, with hardly a spot of white or touch of colour to break the contrast against the artificial, pale mannequin skin.

But the most striking constant, the signature on the majority of the g-strings, guepieres (a type of corset) and bras she designs: the straps.

One, two, sometimes three straps cross a breast, creep around a neck, snake across a hip...

It is Dekkers' distinctive seal -- having characterised her collections throughout the years.

Knickersblog offers this review of Dekkers' Shibari set--passing with flying colors (only black really).

I don't usually point to retail sites from this blog but I like the design of ART de FEMME & couldn't resist.
added Marlies Dekkers site to the designer link list.

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