Monday, January 19, 2009

PaMdora & the Lingerie Adventure

While finishing up a post for my print journal--yes, they still exist--I ran across the webpage for Pam Rupert. Ms Rupert is an artist that makes humorous quilts. The image search that led me to her was related to coffee grinders. I couldn't use that image since I've already completed & printed the post. But, she has a character in many of her comic quilt panels named Pamdora.

Pamdora is at the lingerie store one day when it is robbed. The quilt is presented in 5 detailed panels. The panels present several male reactions to panties on display: from trepidation to lustful. Pamdora is clearly not impressed!

Stealing panties is a way to get in the news--and generally be made into a joke. Pretty much every week there are news stories of some guy(s) making off with armloads of knickers--guess there is still an ebay market for Victorias Secret....

Created in 2005, the quilt is sized 51" x 51".

Anyway, check out Pam Rubert's work & have a smile.

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