Thursday, January 01, 2009

The future and the past

The Future...
I found this at blog while looking for a futuristic calendar girl for my 2009 hardcopy journal.

"This" is a 5 shot gallery of lingerie for Spring 2009 (maybe? there is no date listed; so, I'm probably guessing wrong--again).

If this is the future of lingerie, then dessous-dessous trends will continue--at least for those who live where swimwear is worn routinely. Not in my town. So, we'll continue to be "behind the times" for a few more years.

I do like the eye tattoo. This may be a future look.
  • FASHION designer Kimberly Lim submitted an entry in July 2008 for the Triumph design contest. "Ms Lim said she had never designed lingerie before so decided to have fun, drawing on her love of metallics, graphics and gaming culture.“I love streetwear,” she said. “With lingerie, it’s all traditional like lace and beads and that’s not what I’m used to doing at all.”She substituted studs for beads, abandoned lace in favour of capacitors and added a futuristic twist to the basic entry requirements of a bra and brief set." (This entry may go into the journal.)
Lingerie Perspectives:
  • a list of articles featuring lingerie from Not entirely sure why I posted this list, except that it does cover how women view underwear. There is an article about Egyptian styles, one describing a long gone museum installation, and other talk by women about their undies.
  • I added The "Petite Coquette" thread lingerie blog to the blogroll. She specializes in luxe & sexy.
And The Past...
1930s Futuristic Fashion Predictions includes a youtube video predicting what women will wear in 2000.

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