Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ribbon Corset

Originally, ribbon corsets were worn on the *outside* of clothing. This accentuated how small a woman's waist was.This unique style corset is from the Victorian era, and serves more as a fashion statement, rather than being suitable for serious tight-lacing. It laces down about 3-4-inches in the waistline, and does not create an hourglass waist profile, but rather a gentle, U-shaped profile. The Ribbon is suitable for wear over dresses and gowns much like a wide belt.
The front busk is about 9-inches tall and the sides are about 3-4-inches tall. Almost any fabric can be used for the front and sides, and a coordinating ribbon color may be chosen (six standard colors in stock but many more available).
Ribbon corsets were popular amongst thin women who did not need the support of a full corset but just wanted their waist nipping in. Silk ribbon corsets were also used as negligee as a relief from a full boned corset while ribbon corsets made out of stronger material such as cotton twill, were favored during sporting activities.

B. Altman and Company Ribbon corset is a French-made ribbon corset from 1900-1908 is posted in the Antique Corset Gallery.

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