Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bra Ads

Fashion Flashbacks-exploring retro style walks through some of the changes in brassiere advertising.

Here's an interview from Terry Gross' Fresh Air:
Jane Farrell-Beck and Colleen Gau

Listen Now: [18 min 15 sec]

Fresh Air from WHYY, February 19, 2002 · Jane Farrell-Beck and Colleen Gau, authors of the book, Uplift: The Bra in America. It's a sociological and historical look at the undergarment. Farrell-Beck is Professor of Textiles and Clothing at Iowa State University. Colleen Gau is President of CPRTex, Inc., a home-based conservation of textiles business, and a writer.

How about an ad from the cinema (circa 1970s) from VidJar?

or National Geographic's Secret History of the Bra video (also from VidJar)?

Here's an article about dating vintage textiles/clothing that can come in handy for collectors. It is located on the vintage clothing re-seller Vintage Slips 4

And a link to the updated "I Dreamed..." Maidenform campaign.

I've been all over the internet recently searching for the "I Dreamed..." ads. This campaign ran for 20 years, but relatively few have been scanned and posted--most that have are for sale for about $7 to $10 bucks each. presents some of the most common (the set is linked/stolen/re-posted everywhere); she also links to more fun bras to check out.
Bandeau Boudoir with links and scans that are disappearing as the web changes:
"Welcome to
Bandeau Boudoir
An Image Collection Specializing in
Classic Bras and Foundation Garments!
Last Updated: 3/6/99 - Click Here for Update Information.
(Bra Links page last updated 7/12/99)"

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