Sunday, May 31, 2009

Victoria’s Secret foundation story

For some time I've wandered the web in search of this: a blog post presenting an overview of the early days of the Victoria’s Secret stores. According to the un-cited story, "It all began in 1977, when a businessman Roy Raymond (1946 - August 26, 1993)" opened a store where men could comfortably shop for lingerie for their wives/lovers, etc.

This history is presented at Lingerie Alley Blog. It is written by ", the lingerie authority on the web". is a placeholder website. The blog is well-designed. This blog has categories that include

* Lingerie Brands
* Lingerie Businessmen
* Lingerie Collections
* Lingerie Designers
* Lingerie History
* Swimwear Brands
* Swimwear Collections
* Swimwear Designers

and has a post entitled, Herminie Cadolle, Inventor of the Modern Bra.

Ms Cadolle did not invent the modern bra; she does get create for early attempts that are generally better labeled as corset alternatives. These garments supported the breasts from beneath and often appear as corsets with the abdomen removed. Cadolle's continues to cater to the well-to-do and political leaders' families.

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