Sunday, March 04, 2007 is a uder interactive bookseller

Two book sellers (Amazon and Barnes & Noble) are fighting it out on the web for best site. I know they are not the only sites, but they are comprehensive. And, since I'm not writing reviews of book sellers I don't have anything to say about other sites right now.

Anyway, I get lots of B&N gift cards. Its all good--I build my collections with other people's money. Is there any better way?

But, is way more cool and shopper interactive. They recommend books and other items based on your browsing history--sometimes this is not so good--but also have lists of related titles by shoppers--which is a good feature. Browsing through titles that are not clearly presented is frustrating and tiring. With listmania other people link titles together and give a clearer idea of what books are really about. Keywords turn up titles from children's books to romance novels to how-tos to all kinds of themes when all I want are histories.

So I bought a couple cheaper priced volumes today. I'm trying to save up to buy more expensive books--anyone that wants to contribute please feel free.

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